Who We Are

Breato is a software design and innovation house that specialises in gathering, collating and visualising data.

We have a great deal of experience in the operational running and management of systems in the IPTV and Telecoms markets.  We have crafted our products so they can be used by anyone who needs to monitor equipment and software services, and build operational systems online.

Breato was founded by Basil Fisk and Ian Jamieson, who hold a variety of patents, including four covering the first IPTV system for the hospitality market.

Products We Offer

Our products are available to use for a monthly fee, with no minimum contract. To help you get the most from them, we provide in-house courses in Cambridge or on-site training at your offices. If you just want someone to build a system to your specification, one of our Associates will work with you.


VisualSaaS is a unique, hosted platform for rapidly designing, developing and deploying web-based business systems. It is ideal for building collaborative systems and centralising data for reporting.


Pagiot is a novel way of visualising and monitoring geographic data interactively.  Location-based data from mobile phone apps and GPS trackers, along with support for NFC tags and QR codes, let you track your assets and staff in real-time as they move. Pagiot is ideal for businesses which have a large inventory, a fleet of vehicles and mobile personnel.


WatchingEvents lets you collect and collate events and statistics from equipment and manipulate it on-line, in real-time. Its range of software probes, along with an open API, allow you to collect the data you need from devices, websites and servers.

Services We Provide


Key Performance Indicators

We deliver a full end-to-end data consultancy service, focused on providing organisations with the right management information presented in the right ways at the right time.  We have in-depth experience of:


We use the DSDM’s Atern framework for Agile project management to help us deliver results quickly and effectively, concentrating on strategic goals and incremental delivery to achieve real business benefits, while keeping control of costs, risk and quality.  Breato can help you by:

With budgets under pressure, it is vital for businesses to deliver projects on-time, in-budget and to customer expectations.  If you can’t achieve this, then it becomes increasingly difficult to justify further expenditure on IT projects to your Board.

Managing business change and developing solutions are never simple.  The key is managing the interaction of people from different backgrounds in varied disciplines so they work together closely and their communication is both succinct and accurate.  Failure to achieve this has financial implications in lost revenue opportunities and increased operating costs.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.